Over the years, beginning from 1973, the local SF Community, which is part of “Helion SF Club” and “H.G. Wells SF Club”,  has organized various local, national and international events.

The 1994 Eurocon in Timisoara was mainly organized by a small but dedicated team made mainly if Helion Club members, backed up by ARSFAN Association and with the financial support if The Sport and Youth Ministry. Here are some images from the convention (source: the web site of Roberto Quaglia,   robertoguaglia.com and the site of H.G.Well SF Club from Timisoara,  hgwells.ro)

Romcon – The National SF Convention was organized by Helion SF Club in Timisoara in 1982, in Bucharest, with Bucharest and Craiova SF Clubs as co-organizers,  in Timisoara in 1980 with H.G. Wells SF Club from Timisoara, in 1989 in Timisoara, and in 2012, at Timisoara, wtih the suport of a SF Club from Iasi.

From 2015 till present day, ARCA SF (which is a National SF organization, based in Timisoara) was each year the organizer of  Romcon, every time in a different Romanian city.

Helion Session is organizide in Timisoara, from 1980’s , with the 2019 edition  being the XXXIV’d one. It is dedicated to works in history and theory of SF literature.

Helion International Conference is held in May and had it’s 5th edition in 2019. It is organized in conjunction with Timisoara West University and is mainly an academic event, dealing with subjects like utopia, gothic literature etc.

SF New Year Party is organized each year in the third week of January, by Helion SF Club. It is an event dedicated to the local SF fandom in Timisoara. It was organized the last couple of years by Simona Hupov, which is part of the Distopicon team.