The official bidder for 2021 Eurocon is The Association for Complementary Education (APEC). APEC has invited the most important national SF organizations in Romania, ARCA SF and SRSFF, to join the offort to organize the Eurocon in 2021.

The organizing team of Distopicon is consisting mainly of members of Timisoara’s Science Fiction Fandom (which are part of local SF clubs, Helion and H.G. Wells ), and a few members from various Romanian SF clubs.

Why APEC and Science Fiction community in Timisoara?

APEC has over  10 year of experience in organizing projects and events for children, teeenagers and young adults

The Science Fiction community in Timisoara,  in it’s almost 50 years history, has organized various local, national  and international SF conventions (see “Past Events”).

Please visit “Team Members” page, to see details about our organizing team.