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Zoran Živković










Zoran Živković was born in Belgrade, Serbia, on October 5, 1948. Untill his retirement in 2017, he was a full professor at the Faculty of Philology, the University of Belgrade, teaching the creative writing.
Živković is the author of the 22 books of fiction: “The Fourth Circle” (1993), “Time Gifts” (1997), “The Writer” (1998), “The Book” (1999), “Impossible Encounters” (2000), “Seven Touches of Music” (2001), “The Library” (2002), “Steps through the Mist” (2003), “Hidden Camera” (2003), “Compartments” (2004), “Four Stories till the End” (2004), “Twelve Collections” (2005), “The Bridge” (2006), “Miss Tamara, the Reader” (2006), “Amarcord” (2007), “The Last Book” (2007), “Escher’s Loops” (2008), “The Ghostwriter” (2009), “The Five Wonders of the Danube” (2011), “The Grand Manuscript” (2012), “The Compendium of the Dead” (2015) and “The Image Interpreter” (2016).
Živković is one of the most translated contemporary Serbian writers. By the end of 2018 there were 106 foreign editions of his books of fiction, published in 23 countries, in 20 languages. The translations of his books appeared in the USA 10 (“Time Gifts”, two editions, “The Book/The Writer”, two editions, “The Fourth Circle”, two editions, “Hidden Camera”, “Seven
Touches of Music”, “Steps through the Mist”, “Impossible Encounters”), the UK 8 (“Impossible Stories”, “Twelve Collections and The Teashop”, “The Last Book”, “The Bridge”, “The Book/The Writer/The Reader”, “Impossible Stories 2”, “Escher’s Loops”, “The Ghostwriter”), Italy 7 (“The Last Book”, two editions, “The Library”, “Seven Touches of Music”, “The Ghostwriter”, “The
Grand Manuscript”, “Impossible Ecounters”), Portugal 8 (“The Library”, three editions, “The Last Book”, “The Ghostwriter”, “Seven Touches of Music”, “The Grand Manuscript”, “The Book”), Germany 3 (“Hidden Camera”, “The Last Book”, “The Impossible Novel”), Spain 3 (“Impossible Stories”, “The Book/The Writer”, “Hidden Camera”), France 1 (“The Ghostwriter”), Denmark 1 (“The Library”), Greece 1 (“The Book”), Switzerland 2 (“Miss Tamara, the Reader”, “Time Gifts”), Holland 1 (“The Last Book”), Japan 30 (in Japanese: “The Teashop”, “Twelve Collections and The Teashop”; in English: “Amarcord”, “Compartments”, two editions, “Four Stories till the End”, “The Library”, “Miss Tamara, the Reader”, “The Fourth Circle”, two editions, “The Writer & The Ghostwriter”, two editions, “The Book”, two editions, “Impossible Stories I”, “Hidden
Camera”, “Impossible Stories II”, “The Papyrus Trilogy”, “The Last Book”, “Escher’s Loops”, two editions, “The Five Wonders of the Danube”, two editions, “The Grand Manuscript”, “The Compendium of the Dead”, “The Image Interpreter”, two editions, “Seven Touches of Music”,”Twelve Collections”), South Korea 3 (“The Book”, “The Library”, “The Last Book”), Brazil 1
(“The Last Book”), Turkey 5 (“Time Gifts”, “The Library”, two editions, “Impossible Encounters”, “Hidden Camera”), Saudi Arabia 1 (“The Library”), Russia 1 (“The Fourth Circle”), the Czech Republic 1 (“Time Gifts”), Poland 2 (“The Library”, “Amarcord”), Bulgaria 2 (“Seven Touches of Music”, “The Fourth Circle”), Ukraine 1 (“Twelve Collections and the Teashop”), Slovenia 92 (“The Fourth Circle”, “The Bridge”, “The Library”, “Miss Tamara, the Reader”, “Amarcord”, “The
Last Book”, “The Ghostwriter”, “Steps through the Mist”, “Twelve Collections and the Teashop”) and Croatia 5 (“Time Gifts”, “Impossible Encounters”, “Seven Touches of Music”, “The Library”, “The Last Book”). Živković’s short stories appeared in anthologies and magazines in the USA, the UK, Japan,Poland, Finland, Denmark, France and Hungary.
In August 2016 the Cadmus Press started to publish Zoran Živković’s collected works offiction in 31 volumes: 11 hardcovers and  20 paperbacks. By the end of 2018 twenty three volumes were brought out: all 11 hardcovers and 12 paperbacks.
Živković has won several literary awards for his fiction. In 1994 his novel ”The Fourth Circle” won the “Miloš Crnjanski” award. In 2003, Živković’s mosaic novel ”The Library” won a “World Fantasy Award” for Best Novella. In 2007 his novel ”The Bridge” won the “Isidora Sekulić” award. In 2007 Živković received the “Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša” award for his life achievement in
literature. In 2014 and 2015 Živković received three awards for his contribution to the literature of fantastika: “Art-Anima”, “Stanislav Lem” and “The Golden Dragon”. Živković has been recognized with his selection as European Grand Master for 2017 by the European Science Fiction Society at the 39th Eurocon in Dortmund, Germany.
The prestigious US literary magazine ”World Literature Today” brought a special section on Živković’s writing in the November/December 2011 issue. In 2005, Belgrade TV station ”Studio B” produced ”The Collector” TV series, based upon
Živković’s mosaic novel ”Twelve Collections”. In 2007, Serbian film author Puriša Đorđević directed the film ”Two”, based on Živković’s fictional themes, as well as the short film “The Confessional”, based on one of the “Impossible Encounters” short stories.
Two of Živković’s stories were produced as radio broadcasts by the BBC: “The Train” (2005) and “Alarm Clock on the Night Table” (2007).