Getting to Dumbrăvița

Dumbrăviță is in close vicinity of Timișoara, which is the the third largest city in Romania and the capital city of the Timiș county. The most common ways to get to Dumbrăvița are by plane, bus or car


Getting to Dumbrăvița by plane

First you get to Timișoara Airport, then to Dumbrăvița by Taxi, Uber or Bus.
Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport (TSR) is the nearest and most convenient airport to use in order to get to Dumbrăvița. A handy list of direct flights can be found at
Another option is getting to Timișoara with a layover in București (OTP) or Cluj-Napoca (CLJ).
An alternative worth considering is flying to Budapest and getting a bus to Timișoara.
Dumbrăvița is about 10 km away from the Timișoara Airport. Transit to and from the airport can be done by taxi, Uber or bus.


Getting to Dumbrăvița by bus

First you get by bus to Timișoara, and from there to Dumbrăvița by public transport network.

Timișoara has several intercity bus stations, the two biggest being the Autotim and the Normandia bus stations. A list of destinations and prices can be found at (Destinații Internaționale). It is also possible to book a minibus to pick you up at home and get you to Timișoara (the fare from Germany to Timișoara is approximately 120-130 Euros)
Timișoara is also covered by Flixbus services.


Getting to Timișoara by car
We recommend planning your route to Dumbrăvița carefully, considering the average waiting time at the border can vary from 5 minutes or less to more than an hour. To alleviate this issue, you can check the map provided by the Border Police. (, select Intrare)


Getting from Timișoara to Dumbrăvița by public transport network

From Timișoara city center to Dumbravița city center is only a 15 minutes ride.

You can get from any part of Timișoara to Dumbrăvița using the public transportation network. You can pay by electronic tickets or direct using you contact-less debit/credit card. You can pay your trips using a smarptphone app. You can also get the transport timetable using a smatphone app. You can download the transport network map here.

Using a taxi

It is easy to use taxi or Uber services, because is cheap. A trip from Timișoara city center to Dumbrăvița city center is around 6 euro. Please check the cost in advance, it may vary from carries to carrier and/or time of the day.