For many persons who live in the Western World, traveling to East European countries and in Romania, in particular, seams to be a risky experience. This perception is induced by the Western Mass Media and is, fortunately, far from truth. The statistics and hard evidence picture a different reality.

No terrorist attacks

Romania has never experienced succesful terrorist attacks, not from fundamentalist religious groups, or any kind of other sources. This is a huge advantage for travelers, in today European context, when classic destinations as France or UK  had terrorist attacks on their soil, many targeting the tourism industry.

Crime rate in Romania is low, compared to other European countries

Eurostat, who’s main responsibility is to provide statistical information to the institutions of the European Union, offer on a yearly base statistics about crime in the European Union.  An article on this subject is providing data showing that Romanian is on the 9th place on the list of the attempted murder, on the last place (!) on the physical assault in EU and on the 23th place on the sexual assault.

Interesting to say, the Romanian is known to be the paradise for thieves, but the statistic show that in this section we are in the 24th place in Europe, behind many countries that normally you wouldn’t perceive as dangerous.

Friendly for tourists

Dumbrăvița and Timișoara are a friendly cities for tourists. This reality is based on several facts:

  • Dumbrăvița is known to be one of the wealthies small cities in Romania. The infrastructure is very good and is hosting every year a plethora of cultural, food and sport events.
  • Timisoara was in the last couple of hundred years a bastion for culture and education (first public library in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1815, first city other than Vienna where Johann Strauss the Son had a concert, in 1847, it hosted one of the first Philarmonic Societies in Romania, in 1871, also the first elementary school in Romania in 1718, and the first Romanian newspaper in 1771)
  • Timisoara was a leading European city, in public transportation, health services and street lighting  (first horse tram car on the Romanian territory in 1860, first electric tram car in Romania in 1899, first public hospital in Romania, in 1745, before Vienna and Budapest, first street lighting with oil and petrol secondary compounds in 1760, first city in The Austrian-Hungarian Empire that had gas street lighting in 1855, first European city with electric street lighting etc.   )
  • Timisoara is a vibrant multicultural city, which has theaters in 3 different languages (Romanian, German, Hungarian) and was a historical melting pot of nationalities: Romanian, Germans, Hungarians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Jewish, Romani (Gypsies) etc.)
  • Timisoara is one of the first Romanian University Towns

Efficient security

In Dumbravita, the citizens personal security is assured by the Local Police Force, under the direct command of The City Hall, the State Police and, for civic and cultural gatherings, by the Gendarmerie.  The City Hall is one of the main partners of Distopicon.

First medical response

Timisoara has a base of the National Emergency Rescue Service (SMURD), equiped with a helicopter, that can deal with any kind of emergency situations.

The Eurocon venue is in the event area of Dumbrăvița

The Eurocon venues are buildings which host of the culture and sport events in Dumbrăvița , which are in the vicinity of the central part of the town, a busy, well lighted area, known to be safe, in shot walking distance from The Town Hall and The Police Station.


We cannot say that Dumbravita and Timisoara are the safest towns in Romania, but we can say that using the general precautions for personal safety you can have a safe and fun prolonged weekend at the 2021 Eurocon.