We invite you to visit the Dumbrăvița central area, which has a nice Central Park and two churches, but the real tourist gems are in Timișoara.

You can explore the rich history of Timișoara easily by foot, since most of the tourist attractions in Timișoara are located in or in the vicinity of the historical city center.

The main points of interest are:

  • Piața Unirii (Unity Square), lined by a plethora of bars, restaurants and coffee houses. Here you can find the Catholic Cathedral of Saint George (colloquially known as the Catholic Dome), the Serbian Church, the Art Museum and many other samples of baroque architecture, most of them dating back to the Austrian Empire.
  • Piața Libertății (Liberty Square), located between Piața Unirii and Piața Victoriei, houses the Old City Hall and the Statue of Saint John of Nepomuk.
  • Piața Victoriei (Victory Square) is flanked by the two most well known symbols of Timișoara, the Opera House and the Orthodox cathedral. Developed at the begining of the 20th centuary, it replaced a section of the city walls that was demolished. Historically, Piața Victoriei is the place where Timișoara was proclaimed a city free from communism, on 20th of December, 1989
  • in the evening you can take a stroll along the Bega Channel. Feel free to bring your bike.